Blessed Mother, pray for us!


Did you know that this  year the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be on the weekend of Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August 2016? Praise the Lord! The Church is so considerate to God’s children. We don’t have to try and make it on Monday 15 August 2016. But of course, we are people of God and that makes it just right. . . But I am digressing. . . 

This year  in August I will be one year older, and to think that I have attended so  many funerals including the latest one of a person who used to be in the school where I taught . . . Imagine my surprise when I saw that she was one of the students . . . Imagine what went through my mind when I realised that she was less than a decade of years away from my age. . . .   Yes, I was a young teacher then, and life was such a joy!

It still is, but in a different way. Imagine, imagine, imagine. . .  No, there is no need to imagine. The truth is, we will meet our end one day.

How? When and where and why? The first could be in any way, and by any means. The second could be any time, when one’s time on earth is up, and the place could be anywhere. This student of mine died alone. And I have heard of so many such cases too.  . .

Is there cause for alarm? Not at all! What is important is to live well – obedient to God’s call to love Him above all and to love one’s neighbour the way one loves oneself.

This article started with the realisation that our Lady’s great day will not be celebrated on the actual day – 15 August.

The Assumption is also about departing from this earth. Our Blessed Mother Mary was assumed into Heaven. Her body did not decompose. She went to Heaven to be with Jesus and with St Joseph and with all the saints . . . I want to be in Heaven too! Lord, help me to live well and to go along this earthly pilgrimage with mercy and peace and joy and all that will be pleasing in your sight.  . .

Brothers and sisters in Christ, are you ready to join me in prayer?

Last but not least, I thank brother Shimmy who sent me this picture of our dear Lady of Fatima this morning. I am reminded of the time when I was in Fatima on my birthday years ago, but this calls for another story another time!


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