Light, fall


it is easy to love you, here

in this place where you walk

smiling from the shining skies


where you live, down

the mountains swathed

in swirling smoky cloud –


You strode across the river

picked up a meandering snail

And blessing sent it on its way –


then how the snail in all its isness,

the spiralling sun on its shell  blazed

and the water and the grass where You stood –


and I pray that in these places

where the light drips through jagged edges

between buildings, and night skies are muddied


that Yourself let fall

long and stippled across pavements,

puddles and ponds, soft between rain and dusk


upon on our dimmed faces –

for we have forgotten your light

            And in this longing it has made us cruel –


and in falling abide here

in the deepest spaces of my heart

where I do not hate myself and set ablaze there













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