The angels sang . . .

Recently I have been reading about the New Evangelisation, and the point is that we can talk  lots but still never function as an evangelised disciple, in every sense of the word. So it was a good reminder for me to read what our Holy Father Pope Francis had to say in his teaching and in his writing. It gave me a chance to sit still and  to reflect.

The first is to ask myself if I  have had a life changing and personal  encounter with the Lord Jesus.  I would say that I have had more than one …..and it always gives me joy to recall them. One could say that they are consolations from the Lord given under certain circumstances.  Praise the Lord!

Just on a Saturday afternoon, a few of us came together to have a writing session and the theme was on Baptism. Young Aaron facilitated with such peace in his demeanour. It turned out that we had a deeper sense of camaraderie as well, and we pray that  we will continue to grow as a writing community.

One of the prompts caused me to recall the night I got baptised. Innocent or perhaps truly naïve or even child-like, I was not at all perturbed to hear the chorus of a song I now have learnt to sing and enjoy in my ears. I found out the song title: Be Exalted

When it happened, I was not at all surprised. I did not question or think that it was unusual that I should hear the singing in the left ear only. Later on I learnt to sing the entire song in my soprano voice and of course, I am delighted to know that the lyrics are so apt.  

The only words I heard sung so beautifully in my left ear formed only two sentences. Talk about being consoled! Talk about a supernatural experience!

I did not even think it odd and the following Easter morning I told some nuns from the Infant Jesus convent that I had had angels singing in my left ear the whole night! Praise the Lord!

It has been twenty three years since that delightful encounter. . . I have since then grown and I am more informed than what I used to be. I always find ways to proclaim Christ joyfully and one of the ways is to share the circumstances of my own conversion, the experiences I have had and how good the Lord always is, and always will be!

Be exalted, O Lord, above the heavens

Let thy glory be over all the earth

Be exalted, O Lord, above the heavens

Let thy glory . . . let thy glory. . .  let thy glory be over all the earth . . .

 Why was this  such a consolation? My mother went home to the Lord on the 16th April. My experience took place on the 10th and 11th April 1993.




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