Polish dreams

Amazing! Amazing indeed!

These are what you would call

Polish Dreams

A time of participation with

World Youth Day in Poland

Yearnings deep in my heart

People from all over the world

Smiling broadly

Babies in arms and children shy

but so blessed and so fortunate

Young families seeking the Holy Father

Yes, they were all there – young and old

Singing joyfully

Clapping their hands

Worshipping our Lord Jesus with gusto

Singing His praises and giving thanks

Chanting hymns of God’s deep love

And through it all

I was brought back to the early days

Of my own conversion

Of the Divine Mercy image given me

Of that weekend in March 1993

when  I attended sessions  to delve                       

more and more deeply into the mercy of God                                          

Into the compassion that He alone is always

Into the goodness of our Saviour

And I remember the diary of St Faustina

which I read over and over again

Till I imagined being almost like her

Of being visited by our Lord

Oh yes, lovely dreams they were

They all came flooding my mind

Polish dreams I now call them

Amazingly  beautiful!

Amazing! Amazing indeed!




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