My Past was made Clean by My King


Walking in the footsteps of the 12 disciples,

I am able to read and relate from their experiences

On how Jesus has touched each one of them,

Giving them more than second chances

To atone for their past mistakes

The richness of their experiences

Proclaiming the word of God

Their travels across the many lands

Must have been exciting

Probably dangerous

But still they trusted!

Ever so faithfully

More than mere commitment

More than just devotion

It is a way of life

When Jesus calls

Do we acknowledge him?

As our one and only king

The king who will care for us

For his kingdom is great

And he wants us to be ready

Like the bridesmaids

Who are getting ready for the groom

Gathering enough oil for our lamps

To put down our earthly possessions

Not letting the past define us

To pay attention to the present

And discern the future

To be followers of Jesus

To surrender forever


And always with Jesus!

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong



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