The dance into eternity

Just imagine being  bed-ridden

 Unable to do anything

Depending totally on care givers

Not for a short period

Not just for a couple of years

but for THIRTEEN long years

Thirteen long years of pain and suffering

Of being purged and restored and made whole

How does one do this?

By God’s grace and that is enough

Yes, I attended a funeral Mass today

Spending some four hours from the transfer of the body                           

And to the Mass and then to the Crematorium

for dust we are, and dust we shall be

It was one of the most peaceful and lovely sessions for me

The priest spoke of the dance into the eternal embrace

I could smile to myself

How very true, how very true indeed!

N.B. A nun had passed on to eternity at the age of 80 after spending her 13 years in a convent. She offered her pain up and interceded with all she could offer in the last years of her life. Grace was given her as she often smiled and with the community she celebrated 55 years of her religious life. Praise the Lord!



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