Return again

This morning it returned and perched

once again on the bougainvillea, sun

on blue-gleamed back, beak bowed

in that familiar fashion I remember –


And I think how this is the nature

of you and I, and the nature of all things:

The veil, lifting and dropping, of death

and night is the same as breath


drawn in and out, footsteps

rising and falling on the spiral path

where you wait at the still centre

of the world and of all things,


to whom I climb on the rungs of hymns –

seek ye first the Kingdom of God –

clutching the threads of prayers –

please please let me write –


only to place my hands and brow

on the rough skin of you

and to lay down all my desires –

yes even this – on the stones at your feet,


and turn again to the summoning

of the green and golden world, in my heart

the sprouting seed of my return to you,

tree, rock, lodestone and love



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