Rhyme without reason


Why I choose to write in rhythm

Because I love music, I think it’s awesome

No need for reason, no cause for explanation

Throw out the grammar, what jubilation!


Dig out those words, express on paper

With practice you’ll find, nothing can hinder

Keep it simple, think positiveness

Then you won’t invite unhappiness


Or write about yourself, and how you feel

Share with the world, like how you deal

With love and laughter, struggles and strife

How you stay focused on what matters in life


This is my small but heartfelt contribution

In a world that’s full of confusion

From what is right, and what is wrong

So how can we be steadfast and strong?


Everyday issues, problems we face

Are they bigger than that of the human race?

In other parts of the world, people are suffering

Compared to that, ours could be nothing


I never write all in one go

I also need to ponder, you know

Give some time for inspirations

There will always be all kinds of distractions


So give it a shot

Put in some thought

Let me hear from you

You won’t be biting off more than you can chew!



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