Listening to God’s Word

Homily by Fr Augustine Valooran VC on 6 June 2016 .                                     First day of retreat at St Gabriel ‘s Sec School.

God has a very special message. The Gospel asks: Who is the true disciple of Jesus? Not all who say Lord, Lord are His disciples.

The authentic disciple is the one who listens to His word and do His will. It is important to understand this.                                               

We speak. . . I have this. . . I have that. . . . Yes, we have our needs. But before you ask, your Father God already knows what you need. LISTEN. Give time to listen to the word of God. He will give you power to do His will. Listen.

How do we listen to His voice? The bible is the word of God. In the letter to the Hebrews, we know that it is not a dead letter. It is active. Alive. Living. It will pierce our hearts. Living and active. Read the word. Hear the voice of God. The living voice of God. God is waiting to speak to me, to my heart. Samuel didn’t know. Eli didn’t call him. Samuel, Samuel. No, go and sleep.  Thrice this happened. Be attentive. Being called.

Speak, Lord your servant is listening.

God will continue to speak until the words enter your heart. God spoke. A prophet was born.




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