What does it mean to be referred to as “more mature” (or implied to be “less mature”) than someone?

I’m not sure.

Does everyone hold the same definition of “Maturity” to begin with?

It is the first time I heard of such a reference used on me. I couldn’t fathom what it meant. I asked how that person would define Maturity. The reply didn’t help me understand.

“The way things are handled; whether it was dealt with logically…”.

As I pondered over that reply, it suddenly dawned on me: It hasn’t crossed my mind, ever, to see people this way – by their ‘Maturity’.

How, does a 33 year old adult not have the ability to judge others’ maturity?

Perhaps in the past decade (and more) of mental struggle to accept my mood disorder, I lived in a parallel Universe I created for myself.

What recently moulded me is the kindness I received in my struggles. The love that helped heal me. The people who accepted me as I am. The ones who judged me not in my foolishness, but saw who I really am when my mind had those brief periods of clarity. Lucid thought. And sensible living.

From the above kindness, unearned and undeserved, I saw I have no position to measure anyone by any means. I slowly learned to accept everyone as equal souls. Equal, yet with unique ups and downs.

What’s this ‘equal’ I speak of? Everyone shares equal potential – to express care and concern; and to communicate kindness.

Then I asked myself, “Alright, so I do not categorise people via their levels of maturity. But it makes me no different when I use ‘Love’ as a yardstick. I’m still ‘judging’. No?”

I’m not sure if I’m qualified to judge the different ways each person chooses to love?

One thing I am sure of? Sincerity moves my heart. Kindness touches my soul. And deep inside I sing a song of gratitude to experiencing each new level of love. Inimitable love.

Healing is a journey. And the path of Maturity. I believe, is a journey too.

If anything, it is Sincerity and Kindness that I pray I may continue to Mature in.

That, I suppose, is a ‘Maturity’ that I can better understand.



One thought on “Maturity

  1. To speak straight from the heart. . . and you do have what it takes to be truthful, and that is maturity in a sense of the word. Praise the Lord!

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