10,000 REASONS to celebrate

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Desmond sings with joy and confidence!  Janice, a veteran singer. . . sings with gusto! Gail is my favourite one for the night. She is from the Philippines and she sings so well! Daniel is another great surprise. It was the first time I had heard him (& Gail)….so wonderful! See the parish in the background. . .does it look brand new? Praise the good Lord Jesus! With heartfelt gratitude I would like to share a wonderful event which took place at the Church of the Holy Spirit. It was on 25 February 2017 when we had what we entitled 10,000 REASONS. It took many months to prepare and every moment spent was worth it. I enjoyed singing along with the group of singers as shown in the pictures above. Each one is gifted and I was amazed to see two totally new persons (Daniel & Gail), discovered by Jarvis who did a…

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One thought on “10,000 REASONS to celebrate

  1. Dear friends, you can easily find the video by typing the words 10,000 reasons to celebrate and add Church of the Holy Spirit, Singapore. I enjoyed listening to the songs and to the testimonies. Try it and see for yourself. You will love the children and their honesty! Is it any wonder Jesus tells the children to go to Him? Praise the Lord!

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