Goodbye to Wearing Military Green (Ver 2)


Here do I swear fealty and service to Gondor. In peace or war. In living or dying. F… f… from this hour henceforth, until my lord release me… or death take me. —– Peregrin Took, Lord of the Rings.

This quote, written by J.R.R. Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings, really meant a lot to me during my two years of service to my nation. Today, 13 April 2017, I was finally released from service upon completing mandatory National Military Service, together with the other sons of Singapore, who were born and raised in our country.

Singapore is widely known to be an island paradise, called a “tax haven” for foreigners who are wealthy enough to live in a country that has low crime rates and where no natural disaster has ever struck (yet). While many other local residents might not like what our government is doing, try to look at the good things Singapore offers: it is “clean and green”, it is a multi-racial nation of mostly Chinese, Malays and Indians which in turn makes our country into a food paradise of different exotic foods from the different local cultures. Most important of all, it is safe. With low crime rates and a long arm of the local law enforcement & an effective Civil Defence Force to protect Singapore internally and a strong military force to defend Singapore and make our sovereignty widely known to the rest of this World.

By Law, all fit and able males at the age of 18 are to serve the nation, in the Singapore Police Force, the Singapore Civil Defense Force and finally the Singapore Armed Forces. I was proud to be a member of the SAF.

I enlisted on 16th April in 2015 and I was released from service today on the 13th April, 2017. Two years of Service might seem short. But to me, two years seemed much more like years, and I am even more surprised that it is finally done. I do not have to worry about not going to work and having Military Police come to my door-step and arrest me for desertion. I am so used to reporting to base everyday, that now it is time to re-adjust back to merge in with society again.

With the blessing of God, I finally returned back to Church to be more worthy to the Lord to earn his blessing in a more respectable manner, one that I’ve been lacking these two years.

I quote another scene from the Lord of the Rings, when Frodo and Sam finally destroyed the One Ring; Frodo could not believe that the Ring was finally gone, and the task that had set them off from the Shire was finally done. I have the same feeling now. The task that set me off from home, to the island of Pulau Tekong and then continuing my service of the Nation till this date when I have finally completed this service to the nation. Like Frodo’s journey to destroy the ring, my journey for National Service was full of ordeals too, but by the grace of God, I could overcome.

The plan to go ahead lies ahead of me. I  am to adjust back to a normal society living environment, pursue my Diploma in Biomedical Sciences and start to go regularly for weekly mass which I have not been going these past two years.

National Service is gone.

It’s done.

It is over now.

It is finally over now, for the time being.

Whether I serve the Church, my parents, a Company or my country, I serve my God in the Highest Heaven, who is my beginning and the end, my destiny; for without him, I am nothing.





2 thoughts on “Goodbye to Wearing Military Green (Ver 2)

  1. Glad to see you writing again! (: two years pass quickly, now is to look onward in your walk with Jesus, God Bless!

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