Talk about being vigilant


Talk about being vigilant,

I am rather disappointed in some ways.

Why do you say this?

I have been coming to the website hoping to find

a post or two, perhaps an article or more

But it is not to be . . .

We have so many writers

but not everyone writes

and that includes

yours truly

I too am guilty.

This post simply talks about the feelings I have this morning and nothing more

And feelings, people say, are not totally reliable. . .

Still it is good to express myself and thus it gives me a chance to write.



One thought on “Talk about being vigilant

  1. I don’t know anything about your writing group, but what you wrote resonates with me. It’s great to sit around with other writers and have a coffee and a chat, I do it when I can, but writing … there’s an ocean and a sky and several other planets filled with writers, and it can be a lonely and unrewarding pastime. Wish I didn’t enjoy it so much. 😸

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