About manywriters

We are a group of writers who seek to find God in our writing. We believe that, having discerned, developed and used our charism of  WRITING over a number of years, we can be a channel of God’s creativity. We will strive to use words to create works of truth and beauty that reflect the fullness of human experience and bring glory to God. May hope, goodness and spiritual depth in our faith be communicated through our writings. To God be the glory!

We don’t really like having people point fingers at us – not when it is a finger of accusation. Think of the time when Adam and Eve disobeyed the instruction given them. When asked for an explanation, Adam pointed his finger at Eve. Eve pointed to the serpent. The Blame Game.

What has this to do with writing? Plenty! In our writing, we choose what we want to write and again, we decide if we want to share with others. You don’t know who will read your piece. You don’t really know if anyone will agree with you or that your piece will resonate with another. But you continue and you either do it for a good reason or you may decide never to contribute again.

One of my concerns for this blog set up for the many who love to write is that the contributions be regular. I always say that it has to be so – consistency and commitment. Otherwise, one may find that we are just going on in half measures, and that will not do. Where is the fire?

The fire must be burning within each of our hearts. The fire must remain strong. We write. We share. We grow. Yes, we grow in self knowledge. We look within and we realise that we have been so richly blessed. Consider the ones who have no way of being properly educated, and thereby lack basic literacy. These cannot share like we can. So, let us point the finger at ourselves now.

The point is: do I want to continue writing? If I do, I  know I will grow and change. I know too that I will learn to be grateful for blessings received. I will look at the world with new eyes and hear music in the trilling of birds and the natural sounds of crickets. I will watch the sunset and know that I have been blessed for yet another day. Indeed, there will be so much to share and each time we do, the world becomes a smaller place, a friendlier place.

When we start to point a finger at ourselves, we remember. . . . Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “About manywriters

  1. Greetings… I am already doing writing on an almost daily basis… Mostly reflections of the daily readings at Mass. I hope the group here will continue to write and help eash other grow spiritually. Have a blessed day and week 🙂 Shalom, Andrew.

  2. Thank you dear Fr. Andrew. How kind of you to visit us. I know how very productive you are with your gift in music as well. Praise God! We welcome writers from your side.

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