Blessed be God in all His gifts!

‘Blessed be God in all his gifts’

It all started in 2009. Two very significant events happened. The first was the programme ‘Finding God in your writing’ at St Ignatius Spirituality Centre, facilitated by Diana Tan and Roselie Chia, both Amherst Writers and Artists Method (AWA) trained. 

The first session was held on the evening of Tuesday 23 February 2009, and by the grace of God most of us managed to attend all six sessions for two hours at a time. The main focus was to explore and express our inmost thoughts and emotions through writing and other activities to gain a deeper understanding of self and our relationships with God.

The next event was in the following month, March 2009, when workshops on the discernment, development and the use of spiritual gifts were conducted. A trained lay Dominican Lydia Lim was our guide. In the ‘Call and Gifted’ programme, we were to look at a primary discipline of the Christian life, and basically it was to set out with others to explore God’s call, and the understanding was that knowing God’s call would enable one to find happiness in life. After all, each of us form the body of Christ and all of us have been endowed with special charisms. We are then expected to use these gifts for the good of the body of Christ.

And so began an exciting journey of discovery. I was greatly surprised to find that the gift of WRITING has already been given to me. But, don’t we all go to school to learn to read and write? Is not literacy part and parcel of our culture and so, how can one tell the difference between a skill that one has acquired and a spiritual gift that has been given by the Holy Spirit? It helped a great deal for me to have a good guide who not only taught me to look at what I had been doing with my gift of writing but also to discern how the Lord had been using me to contribute in this area.

That joyful discovery, after weeks of discernment, convinced me that all the gifts of God are to serve His purposes and that one either used them through humble service or one left them hidden and dormant. I started to write even more and in March 2009 I attended a full day writing workshop at St Ignatius Spirituality Centre again to find God in my writing.

From both the sessions I met likeminded people with a flair for writing and a desire to share their works. We decided that we would continue to meet to go on writing, and so several of us did. Some have remained while others have moved on since our first meeting on 1 May 2010.  We have all benefitted from our musings together and so this blog seems like a natural good fruit of our years together in finding God in our writing.

It is hoped that this will be a blog where many writers will be able to use their writing to glorify God. May our voices be heard amidst the noises of this world and may what we write bring not only comfort and consolation to others but also enable others to find God in all things, especially in the written word.