Today I close the door to my past and step through to a new life


Today I close the door to my past

and step through to a new life.

No longer am I an unapologetic sinner and unbeliever.

I have closed the door to the old self

and let in the Holy spirit.

For I have Him in my new life,

striving towards a common and brighter future



Baptism is faith in action


Baptism is faith in action.

Through the remembrance of our baptism,

we shall be rejuvenated in faith.

We have made the conscious choice to follow Him

and we shall incorporate His Way in our daily lives.

Through Him, I am strengthened.

With Him, all is possible.

In Him, I trust


The vault of heaven proclaims His handiwork. The heavens declare the glory of God.

While we over-consume Nature’s resources,

we are gambling on the livelihood of our future generations.

When we overexploit His handiworks,

we cease to be living in Grace.

Without due conservation of God’s gifts,

we fail to declare the glory of His Kingdom.

We pray that we all shall be able to continue honouring the fruits of Heaven.



Yahweh is my strength and shield, my heart puts its truth in Him.

We’ve replaced our childlike innocence

with a self assured heart.

We’ve ignored the welcoming beacon of His salvation

in our pursuit of material comforts.

We’ve become comfortable living in  a disillusioned

and unsustainable state;

We must continue to place our trust in Him

so that He can be our strength and shield.

Strong message.