Angels He has sent my way…


Hopelessness is setting in

Renew myself, I must begin

Never was I so disorganised

What people see, it’s been disguised


My life is becoming an unsightly mess

Running away from unwanted stress

Sick and tired, I wish no more

Want to return to as before


But where to start, I have no clue

Neither do I have mood to think it through

Inspiration, please come to me

Lethargy, you had better flee!


Despite all, angels He has sent to my aid

Even if I have not prayed

Gratefulness I can’t deny

Without heaving a great big sigh!



My “prayer”


Lord, I pray my soul to keep
Wake me from my deep deep sleep
Have to send my kids to school
Driving like a crazy fool
6 hours or so of peace
Time to work my painful knees
Grab a bite
With all my might
Soon it will be time to nag
Homework, dinner, pack your bag!
Bath and sleep
Count the sheep
Hug your smelly bolster tight
Time to say to all, goodnight!


Rhyme without reason


Why I choose to write in rhythm

Because I love music, I think it’s awesome

No need for reason, no cause for explanation

Throw out the grammar, what jubilation!


Dig out those words, express on paper

With practice you’ll find, nothing can hinder

Keep it simple, think positiveness

Then you won’t invite unhappiness


Or write about yourself, and how you feel

Share with the world, like how you deal

With love and laughter, struggles and strife

How you stay focused on what matters in life


This is my small but heartfelt contribution

In a world that’s full of confusion

From what is right, and what is wrong

So how can we be steadfast and strong?


Everyday issues, problems we face

Are they bigger than that of the human race?

In other parts of the world, people are suffering

Compared to that, ours could be nothing


I never write all in one go

I also need to ponder, you know

Give some time for inspirations

There will always be all kinds of distractions


So give it a shot

Put in some thought

Let me hear from you

You won’t be biting off more than you can chew!


A friend in need


I’m trying to imagine what it’s like

To be in the shoes of another

Feeling lonely, in despair

Searching for an answer


A friend is losing faith

He has lost all hope

What’s left for him?

He’s reached the end of his rope


What can I say to such a person

How can I come to his aid

A battle of words, fleeting thoughts

That’s all, I’m afraid


Nobody can offer a solution

Yet it’s easy to pass judgement

But really, if you were him

What would be your sentiment?


Dear friend, I hope you don’t give up

Even if all the odds are against you

You haven’t exhausted all avenues

So hold on, do not bid adieu!


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

We are what we eat

What do all these mean?


Life is what we make it to be

Be the best that we can be

Whether being seen or unseen


Time on earth is temporary

How can we make it worthwhile?

How can we say, Yes! I’ve made a difference!


So make time, take your time

But don’t be late, the world can’t wait

Start now, this instance!


Be kind, be loving

Treat another like how you want to be treated

Pass it on, and give it your all

Do not keep your distance!


P/s:  A reflection on Ash Wednesday, 10 Feb 2016

“Xin Nian Dao”

Xin nian dao

Xin nian dao

Time to prepare

All the hong baos


That time of year has come again

But this time I see it differently

Why is it that we only realise it

When we start to age gracefully?


The importance of families

The value of relationship

The connection between people

The real conversation we all crave, isn’t it?


Families becoming smaller

Aliens, we have become, to one another

But the rift is usually caused by our predecessor

Our kids don’t know their neighbour


How can we overcome this?

There is no sure answer

We can only start from here

Only then can we go further


So treasure the people around you

Family, neighbour and friend

People who look out for you

Say a little prayer for them. Amen!


P/s:  Xin nian dao – New Year has arrived

Hong bao – red packet (which contains a gift of cash)

Quite “Sian”!

Sometimes when you think about it

When things don’t go your way

You’ll keep fretting over it

And it ruins the rest of your day!


I’ve recently come to realise

That God certainly knows what’s best

And I’m pretty sure I’d been failing

Every time I took His test


I know that non believers and doubters

Will ridicule or even challenge me

When I say Believe and put your TOTAL Trust in God

And He will NOT leave you in vain, you’ll see!


It’s been more than 2 months

Since I’ve put any thoughts on paper

So before I take my leave again

I wish you all a Happy Lunar New Year!


P/s: “Sian” is Chinese dialect for “tired of (something or same thing/food/activity etc.)”.