Snails for meals

“ I am going to be sick !”I groaned clutching my stomach as I stared at the snails. They were everywhere ! They were on the walls, on the floor, the sofa and even the ceiling !
“Well, don’t just stand there opened-mouth,” Robert chuckled. “Help pick them up ! They may fall into your mouth at this rate !”  Robert grabbed a snail on his sofa and placed it in a plastic container. I just could not take my gaze away from the snails – lost in Robert’s house and trying to get out. Then I pictured myself being a snail. I am stuck in a giant plastic bag, carried roughly from one place to another. I am dropped on the floor still in a bag. I see my escape route and quickly crawl out. Being a small 10 cm snail, I am lost in this big house. First I crawl on the carpet, leaving trails. I crawl on the wall, leaving trails. I crawl on a sofa, leaving marks. Then a big hand comes and plucks me out from the sofa…. Oh I am back to square one !
For once , I felt sorry for the snails. I thought the least I could do was help to unpluck them from the wall. Well I could not stop them from getting cooked, could I? I closed my eyes and picked up the nearest snail I could find, without thinking of how disgusting it was.
Finally , the last of the snails were boxed in. However they had left the living room and hall coloured with snail trails.
“Jeez ! Those snails just like to make a mess ! “exclaimed Robert.He was amused that he actually had to climb up and down to fetch his dinner. I gave him a hand and tried to scrub off the revolting stains in the carpet. However our work was in vain.
“Oh well, my house will just stay with an interesting wall paper- snail trails !” He laughed and thanked me for my help. I could not help but think of the poor snails that were going to be cooked. I shuddered. I would not like to be a snail.
Robert emerged from the kitchen some time later with a freshly cooked snail meal, sprinkled with bits of celery and cheese flakes.
“Want some?” Robert asked in between mouthfuls.
I turned green.
“No thanks ! Gotta go now. .  . bye !” And with that I left a puzzled Robert with his cooked snails, grabbed my coat and hurried out of the house.
I have never been able to look at a snail since then.