Talk about being vigilant


Talk about being vigilant,

I am rather disappointed in some ways.

Why do you say this?

I have been coming to the website hoping to find

a post or two, perhaps an article or more

But it is not to be . . .

We have so many writers

but not everyone writes

and that includes

yours truly

I too am guilty.

This post simply talks about the feelings I have this morning and nothing more

And feelings, people say, are not totally reliable. . .

Still it is good to express myself and thus it gives me a chance to write.


Thank you!

Happy Anniversary with Word!
You registered on 8 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging…………………..
Time flies
I didn’t realise this
8 years is not too long and certainly not too short
Thank God for Word
You folks make my life exciting
and somehow, one gets acquainted with fellow bloggers
and often I pray for all to find life
more meaningful
sharing and caring
though in a way that is not that demanding. . .
Thanks be to God!

10,000 REASONS to celebrate

Joliow's Blog

Desmond sings with joy and confidence!  Janice, a veteran singer. . . sings with gusto! Gail is my favourite one for the night. She is from the Philippines and she sings so well! Daniel is another great surprise. It was the first time I had heard him (& Gail)….so wonderful! See the parish in the background. . .does it look brand new? Praise the good Lord Jesus! With heartfelt gratitude I would like to share a wonderful event which took place at the Church of the Holy Spirit. It was on 25 February 2017 when we had what we entitled 10,000 REASONS. It took many months to prepare and every moment spent was worth it. I enjoyed singing along with the group of singers as shown in the pictures above. Each one is gifted and I was amazed to see two totally new persons (Daniel & Gail), discovered by Jarvis who did a…

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Who are you?

Child of God, woman beautiful, friend of Jesus

Lovely masterpiece are you 

A servant of the Lord for sure

A most willing partner in the spread of the Good News

An intercessor pouring forth prayers in confidence

A sharer of all that edifies with those who love God


Who we think we are must be lived out

Then we can move away from head knowledge to the heart

The only voice we need hear

and obey is the voice of the Father – dada, daddy, papa

Whom I love and adore