Topic: Emmanuel: God is with us. How has God been with us this year in 2012?

“Emmanuel, Emmanuel, shall come to thee, O Israel.”
Oh Lord, you have been with me all my life,
and what can I say?
This year, you blessed me with entry into NTU.
You protected me during a car accident.
You showered me with great friends in RCIY and NTU.
I am grateful to have met so many brothers and sisters
that share my love of you.
You have shown yourself through them.
Oh Lord, there is nothing much for me to say,
expect that I,
want to bring you to those who know you not,
and sing to them:
“Emmanuel, Emmanuel, shall come to thee, O Israel…….”


Topic: On the first day of Chirstmas, what are you giving your true love, and why?

Ah. True love.
Cupid must have missed me throughout the 23 years of my life.
For I went out into the world, chasing this “angel of love”.
Of course, I was never Cupid’s target.
Perhaps not yet.

But there is someone who truly loves me,
and has been with me,
all the days of my life.
He is before me,
in front of me,
behind me,
and beside me.
He knows me through and through.
Oh my Lord!
What can I give to you that is not already yours?
I can think only of one thing:
The thing that you freely gave me when you created me.
This thing, I now return to you.
Take my will, oh Lord,
I offer it up to you.

Topic: I see the rising sun from my house. The rays of light floated magically into the living room. I gasped.

Life. What a magical moment that is.
To feel the rays of the sun on my body,
to gaze at the stars at night,to smell the fresh air in the morning,
to run in lush green fields.
Ah, how magical life is.
If only the world would stop its factories for a moment
to just pause and breathe in the magical moments of life.
Sigh. If only.

Students in my university have their heads buried in books
to get good grades in order to secure paychecks.
But what is education if it is not life-giving?
What is my life if it is not shared for all?
Where is the magic in selfishness?
No, there is no magic.
For there is only magic in selflessness.
And that magic’s name is:

Topic: Who Is My Brother?

I remember my secondary school’s theme song:
“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”
Back in those days of teenage growth spurts,
puberty and exploring life in an individualistic sense,
everyone was growing up and becoming independent,
seeking new experiences and the world on our own.
Yet this song reminded me that we are not alone,
and that we are called to bear the burdens of our brothers,
just as they are called to bear ours.
The troubles of life, challenges:
Mental, physical, financial or otherwise.

In an age where the individual stands out the most,
I remember being called to serve my fellow brothers and sisters.
And the burden of service at times can get really heavy.
But I always sing:
“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother…….”

Finding God in Writing…

Hi, I’m Jude and I have been invited to post what I wrote during our Finding God in Writing session a couple of hours ago. So here goes!

Topic: Who we are today is a result of our choices made yesterday. Who we become tomorrow is a result of our choices we made today.

Many things in my life, I did not really have a choice.
Where I was to be born in,
How I was to be brought up,
How many family members I would have.
The nature of my being, my birthplace, my looks,
was not my choice.
As I grew older, I too, did not choose how others would treat me.

But this I know for sure:
No matter the situation I am in,
I have a choice whether to stay or to go.
Choice to love or to hate,
Choices to endure or to give up,
To embrace or reject.
I have made some bad choices in my life,
as well as good ones.
But what still amazes me the most is that my Lord,
chose me.