Letting Go!

It’s never easy to let go

Of people whom we love dearly.

As a mother,

It’s difficult to let go of our children.

They want to be free,

They want to show that they can make it out on their own,

They want to be independent.

Yet as a mother,

I’m so afraid that they will be hurt,

Or harmed,

Or taken advantage of,

Or being in the wrong company,

Or being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yet as the children grow into their teenage years and into adulthood,

The desire to be able to make their own choices

And be responsible for their own consequences

Becomes necessary.

For much as we love them,

We cannot be with them 24/7.

So like the bunch of peonies and roses in the vase,

The more space each flower has,

The more each flower is able to bloom to its full potential.

With heart in my mouth

I have to let each of my children go

To live the life that they chose

For I cannot live their lives for them.

I can only keep praying for them,

Keeping communications open,

And letting each of them know

That where ever they are,

No matter what happens,

I will always be there for them.

All they need to do is to let me know.

For I will always love them near and far.


It’s Been Great Nine Years!

I never imagine that I would stay that long

At this place

Where I am surrounded by smart and intelligent people

Dealing with complex financial models and charts

Discussing national issues

About financial stability, banking regulations,

corporate governance, financial literacy,

macro-economic issues, prudential policies,

and many more complicated and technical matters.

I never thought

That I would enjoy working in this place

Which is quite bureaucratic

And structured.

Where there seemed to be no room

For creativity and flexibility.

Yet, it is at this place

Where I am proud to say that I have grown

And gained much

From the opportunities given

And the trust the bosses have in me.

It is here where I brought in ideas that were never implemented before

And given a chance to work on new projects

And start new things

I am grateful for the opportunities

To work amongst giants, the sharp minded and even the elite.

To even contribute to the development of Singapore’s bilateral relations

With its ASEAN partners.

Yet I always remember this,

The Lord gives, and

The Lord can also take it away.

So when I walk out of the door tomorrow

Being my last day here

I can only say,

It’s been great these nine years!

And I am thankful for the opportunities!

The Gift

We were all asked

To choose a Gift.

Many chose the Gift of Tongues.

But 1 Corinthians 12:31 encouraged us to seek higher gifts

So I humbly asked for the Gift of Love.

Lo and behold! 

As what scripture said,

“Ask and you shall be given”.

With this Gift 

I’ve experienced tolerance at the work place

especially with people from different backgrounds

Different levels of competencies and efficiencies.

To receive this Gift

I found myself becoming more patient

Especially with those who are slow.

Yet in this process

I became more aware of those less fortunate than me

And I noticed myself being transformed

And my heart changed.

Instead of being indifferent

I take steps to be kind to the elderly

and to be more compassionate to those suffering.

Yet, with the Gift of Love comes pain

In loving, I find myself vulnerable to being hurt

And even rejected by those whom I love.

It’s even more painful when the hurts and rejection come from those closest.

It is in loving that I realise that I am weak

And I need God’s grace to forgive

To let go of my hurts

So that I can love again.

Oh! But happiness is also when love is returned

In the form of a hug or an embrace

In affirmation and in action.

Happiness is also knowing that your child has come a long way

and made a turn around towards home and making it good.

So be careful what you ask

For the scripture says

“Ask, and you shall receive.”


A Leap of Faith

A chapter is coming to a close, 

Another is about to begin.

A window has just closed on me,

Yet I’m sure another door will be opened. 

What will tomorrow be?

I do not know.

All I know is that my dear Lord

Will give me enough light

For the next step that I am on.

And all He asked of me,

Is to have faith in Him

For He will be with me

All the way through.