Picture prompt [Marks of a lone sojourner]


[This contribution follows Jo’s recent prompt with this picture.]

I envisage a long long walk through the wilderness of soft sand. I imagine my sandal-strapped feet pushing through the sand and making footprints on it. Specks of tiny sand embed themselves between my toes, cutting into areas of sensitive skin. Sometimes I stop to shake off the sand that irritate my feet and in that moment I take a breather, look around, and recognize the silence within and without me. I hear the soft whisper of a gentle breeze and I see shifting sand. I have more ground to cover so I raise my right foot again, then left foot, and I plod on and on.

The day has been long and the sun will soon set. I must make haste on this journey. I want to reach home. Way way beyond I turn back and I notice the footprints in the sand. Those were marks made with a purpose and I am glad for them. Each step was deliberate – the purposeful mark of a lone sojourner on the way home.



prompt: She studied her face in the mirror …

Hazeline SnowShe studied her face in the mirror and noticed that the zit at the side of her nose had grown bigger. “It was smaller and not so noticeable yesterday,” she thought. Today, however, it had grown bigger and there was pus within.

She took a zit remover stick and placed it gingerly at the side of the nose. Ouch, that hurt. “No, I shall leave it alone until the zit ripens a bit more.” She washed the zit remover stick under running water before putting it away in the cupboard. She stepped out of the toilet. “One more thing to do,” she knew that in her head. Hazeline Snow! That is right … she swore by Hazeline Snow. From the days of old until these old adult days Hazeline Snow is her battle against zits.