Saying Yes to Jesus

Saying Yes to Jesus

Oh Jesus, the cross that I carry by serving you

cannot be compared to the cross you carried for me.

The sufferings, insults and injustices you face during your passion and death

is more than I can bear when you revealed this in a vision and locution to me at prayer.

Your precious blood you generously shed for me

wipes away, cleanses and purifies my soul spotlessly clean;

to be refined, perfected and made beautiful at your sight.

You prepare my soul for our eventual nuptial union with you, my beloved Jesus.

Every personal encounter with you at prayer, Jesus, makes my spirit and heart jump for joy.

My spirit goes into spiritual ecstasy whenever you call my name intimately;

And whenever I hear you calling me “My beloved and precious child”.

Oh, your divine presence I strongly sense when I adore you during the Eucharist adoration.

And your divine love you showered on me which I don’t deserve at all

is euphoric and a foretaste of heaven whilst on earth.

Oh Jesus, my King and my Lord, I adore, praise and exault you at the feet of your throne.

Finally, I know the true meaning of following and serving you after you have anointed me

with your infinite divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Thank you for calling me to follow you, carry my cross and be your disciple.

Tenderly Yours

Sharon Chua


My love Poem to Jesus

Oh Jesus, you seduced me out from the inner depths of my heart and soul;

You lured me out so that I can know and understand the mystery of your love;

Your passionate love for me consumed me like a ball of fire;

One day without you is like a thousand years apart from you;

When our eyes meet, the look in your eyes is so mesmerizing, I just can’t take my eyes off you;

Oh Jesus, you totally besieged me;

Your caressing touch on my face and the way you stroke my hair is so comforting and consoling;

Your tender hugs and loving kisses on my forehead are so unforgettable;

Your playful cuddling and carrying me up like a little child is so memorable;

Oh Jesus, my beloved, my perfect lover;

You have taught me how to love others with such a loving heart;

Thank you Jesus for being the love of my life now and eternity.

Tenderly yours,

Sharon Chua (composed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit during my prayer retreat)