Good Morning !

Good Morning!

Want to see a miracle ?

Let’s see ourselves in the morning.
What happens during the night ?
Okay … we just sleep and rest.

But see… the weariness of yesterday is taken away.
Little sore feet are made fresh..
Head is lighter than ever before.
What else ?
Just take a closer look..
Feel.. touch…

Nothing happens ?
Of course not!

At night, every night … God is at work, repairing us!

Praise be to God.


Water !

Andi has a secret, hidden treasure.
Only Andi knows where he hid his treasure,
that’s the place where Andi is hiding as well.
Nobody knows until when.

Budi lives in a dry area.
He inherited a little pool to keep the family’s water reserve.
He kept it quite a secret, and sometimes
his very closed neighbors would come and get some water from him.

One day he realized that the pool had turned into a spring.
Budi came out and spread this to anyone he knew.

Water oh water!

No matter how much the water was given out there was still plenty.
But despite dying of thirst, a lot people refused to drink it…
“It is contaminated!” they scream.
“I am not thirsty uhuk uhuk…”
and despite it was such a hot day they said..

“I won’t even touch it!”
“You’re my friend, you must have known I am allergic to water!”
“ Waaaattttt’er… ? Oooh! How scary!”

“Jesus Christ is my only treasure,” Mother Angela said.
He’s my only treasure too.
He’s my fountain of happiness.
Much as I want to share Him with anyone I know,
I know that only God can do it.
He will willingly me let me do it together with him,
especially when I let myself be formatted unto his preferred shape.

Bandung, 2 April 2012

Lydia Kidarsa

In a search for peace

Although it’s true that I have abundance of JOY in my life, I am also longing for another fruit of the Holy Spirit: PEACE.

This is the one that I still don’t get yet. I get panicky easily, nervous, and have sleepless nights, sometimes up to 3 am.. But I know that it is because the Holy Spirit wants to direct me to do something – for example to speak more gently towards our final project students – to learn to be patient – to avoid looking back on leaving behind a glamorous lifestyle – to try to prevent me from continuing my bad habit ( yes! he is warning me about it ) – or sometimes things that I do not know yet that I need to find out.

So I joyfully accept this as part of my life. I know that I am a sinner, and that it is better for me to have this kind of warnings from the Spirit even though this causes a “less peaceful” life. How can I have a false peace but descending towards hell?

I accept the disruption in my rest, waking up from my sleep when I need to be reminded by him… Being rebuked here and there..

Because I know that, as a sinner, I won’t get true peace until the time God wants me to rest in peace.
Dear Holy Spirit,
Thank you for being our consolation. You are the source of our strength, your flock that is still in this world. Keep us safe in your hands. Heavenly Father please be patient towards us. Have mercy on us. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Breath of Love

A crying little girl.

Only one picture of it in the midst of many smiling faces of the same girl in the album.

My memory goes back decades ago.

I cried. Daddy took a picture of me.

When I fell down and hurt my knee, Mummy would wash and put medicine on it, but if I started to cry…

Mummy would point out the picture of the crying girl:

“See this picture . . .   how awful you looked, darling!
If you keep crying, your face will freeze like that and you will not be pretty again.
Then, sooner or later…. you will look like a witch forever ever after!”

Not wanting to be ugly, I stopped crying.

Then Mummy would take a deep breath and blow warmly on my knee ” puuuuffffff “.

She said, “Now you’re cured! Go and play.” I grinned and played again happily.

When I grew up I sometimes wondered which chemical content of a human breath brings the analgesic effect.

Now I know that it is called: “The Breath of Love”.