Do keep writing


Do keep writing

This is easier said than done

Sometimes I get upset and wonder

If it is all worth while

To wait or to write

To sigh or to persevere

And then I say to myself

Hang on! All is fine!

And indeed things are fine and going well

After all it is not the people who keeps this blog going

But readers as well as myself who gets reminded to put in

A word or two and then all is well

Like now and this  moment in time

Thank God all is well!



A River

A River
Flows through every terrain
Carries life

Delivers nourishment

Through the centuries:

as geological plates shift

as seasons change

A river’s path follows suit

Aquatic lifeform flourishes silently within its flow

The toughest and sharpest of rocks get smoothed

by the river’s consistent gushing


Yet not rushing

Contributing to nature’s humble beauty

at every bend of its meandering journey

Committed to one destination – the ocean

And so it is

That I aspire to be – A River.


To write or not to write

Talk about writing and one gets all worked up

simply because writing does seem more a chore

pleasant though it can be

rather than an exciting enterprise

 one that makes all things joyful 

causing one to think, to smile and to ponder. . .

Why is writing a chore

when you have been gifted

To use your many gifts is no chore

If you can try to see it as one of service     

Talk about being vigilant


Talk about being vigilant,

I am rather disappointed in some ways.

Why do you say this?

I have been coming to the website hoping to find

a post or two, perhaps an article or more

But it is not to be . . .

We have so many writers

but not everyone writes

and that includes

yours truly

I too am guilty.

This post simply talks about the feelings I have this morning and nothing more

And feelings, people say, are not totally reliable. . .

Still it is good to express myself and thus it gives me a chance to write.




I remember two white-bellied sea eagles

Leap singing from the forest deep

Into the spangled sea and sky

And I longed to capture this in words

which slipped unheeding through my fingers

like sand, and I heard them say,

Your fate has changed – no longer

are you to stand aside and observe,

but leap singing from the dark

into the glittering gold forever blue


Thank you!

Happy Anniversary with Word!
You registered on 8 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging…………………..
Time flies
I didn’t realise this
8 years is not too long and certainly not too short
Thank God for Word
You folks make my life exciting
and somehow, one gets acquainted with fellow bloggers
and often I pray for all to find life
more meaningful
sharing and caring
though in a way that is not that demanding. . .
Thanks be to God!