I remember two white-bellied sea eagles

Leap singing from the forest deep

Into the spangled sea and sky

And I longed to capture this in words

which slipped unheeding through my fingers

like sand, and I heard them say,

Your fate has changed – no longer

are you to stand aside and observe,

but leap singing from the dark

into the glittering gold forever blue


Thank you WordPress.com!

Happy Anniversary with Word Press.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 8 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging…………………..
Time flies
I didn’t realise this
8 years is not too long and certainly not too short
Thank God for Word Press.com
You folks make my life exciting
and somehow, one gets acquainted with fellow bloggers
and often I pray for all to find life
more meaningful
sharing and caring
though in a way that is not that demanding. . .
Thanks be to God!

Who are you?

Child of God, woman beautiful, friend of Jesus

Lovely masterpiece are you 

A servant of the Lord for sure

A most willing partner in the spread of the Good News

An intercessor pouring forth prayers in confidence

A sharer of all that edifies with those who love God


Who we think we are must be lived out

Then we can move away from head knowledge to the heart

The only voice we need hear

and obey is the voice of the Father – dada, daddy, papa

Whom I love and adore

Light Falls in Myriad Ways


singing through jewel islands

between leaden seas

of cathedral windows

brighter than skins of sugarplums

and flesh of ripe mangoes


streaming through green souls

of leaves and woven limbs of trees

to fall in amber pools

amidst twisting tangled shadows



and godlight seeps

through the glacial emptiness

between the dark meandering sadness

of you, falling in pools of gold,











Death comes daily. . .

Today I meet a friend for whom death lurks

An unwelcome intruder in more ways than one

Yet this friend is calm

This friend seems all ready

Grace of God truly

And only one thing remains to be done

To welcome this friend into the family of God

Through baptism and repentance

My prayer is always

Make this friend desire

To be made a child of God

Let it be done

In accordance with Your will, dear Lord

And surely it is to have the gift of salvation

Freely accepted

Joyfully embraced

With gratitude 

And in thanksgiving