The Gift of Writing

Yes, when can you use your gift of writing? Time is of the essence. In many ways, writers are not born overnight. You need a period of time to test and discern. Explore your gift. Use it often. Observe how this gift has been used in the past and in the present. Basically look out for three key pointers.

How effective are you as a writer? If you are gifted, you ought to be able to get your message across. For example, is your writing meant to encourage? Does it clearly do that? Is yours an exhortation that a particular course of action be taken? Do people feel challenged to take up what you have said?

We are not given a gift so that we feel tortured. Not at all. Your writing gift must make you feel totally energised, satisfied and joyful. You feel so much like a fish in the ocean, happy with the surroundings and completely at ease. You delight to use your gift and never find it a burden.  Of course, this is not to say that you are always writing something outstanding. Writing for you should be enjoyable most of the time, though. How have you been feeling about this gift through the years?

What kind of response or affirmation are you receiving? This can come to you either directly or indirectly. We all enjoy hearing positive comments. Someone may say to you: “O, I love that. It really resonates with me. . . I feel so uplifted by what you have just shared. . .” Lots of positive feedback over a period of time is a real affirmation.

Let us then offer up our entire selves, including our personalities, natural talents, education, life experiences and background to God to be used for his purposes. In so doing we will learn to follow him more closely day by day for no gifts are given us for ourselves but for others. Useless servants that we are, let us be cheerful givers.