A piece of holocaust music

I see a pair of sandals
I see a lonely, abandoned pair of sandals
I see the red colour sandals – colour of life, passion, courage, and strength

I hear the music
I hear the music of John Williams
I hear the violin strings – long and sad, pulling me into the darkness and pain of the holocaust

Life is a sum of laughters and tears
Life is made up of years of sunshine and days of rain
When you choose for me to pause, it maybe at any point – and I must accept

The music moves, moves on
The fine strains of the notes tease with images of a lttle girl dancing on the vast green field
She dances on, surrounded by white fat happy clouds floating in the clear blue sky
If you gave me pause now, I would want to lie on the grass and watch the clouds dance, take me aloft to the great blue sky, let me float with lightness and peace, take me and let me float away into your arms


The Circle of Life

Birds chirping…
Joy, jump, dance, clap on!
Be strong, dance free, hear the waves, rock on!
Feet tapping…I like this piece of music
Step into the sun, come step into the sun with me
More to see! More to live!
Is that the crocodile splashing in the water?
Circle of Life
Write the lyrics down, let the spirit soar
Cirlce of life
Dance round and round…
Quiet, gentle tease, rest and smile
A little weepy this morn, still don’t know why
But oh well, weep on
Circle of life
Nature calls – in distress or joy?
Life – there are always the good and the bad, or maybe it just is…not good and or bad…it just is
A rhythm of life.